Client Overview: Co:Create

Co:Create is a Web3 infrastructure protocol that enables innovative brands to unlock the power of their community. Offers a one-stop shop with all needed resources for pushing NFT projects further with simple community activation tools built on web3.

Client Need

  • Design a sustainable economy that can accommodate layered structure of their ecosystem
  • Identifying token utility and fundamental supply and demand drivers
  • Understanding inflation and impact on cash flow
  • Identifying key metrics and levers for sustainable growth when managing asset inflation
  • Economic risk identification and mitigation

How Economics Design Helped

  • Determined the utility and distribution methods for their native $CO token.
  • Established how the $CO token captures value of each individual token of the Create Instances.
  • Created mechanisms for Co:Create Treasury that diversified their revenue inflows.
  • Created a governance mechanism to be implemented for Co:Create.
  • Assessed the economic risks and identified possible mitigation strategies for these risks.
  • Quantified the financial outcome of the proposed economy.

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