Client Overview: Shrapnel

Shrapnel is a AAA first-person shooter game where players’ gear lives on-chain and can be gained or lost in-game. The project also has an in-depth UGC creation and curation system.

The team has top tier backgrounds, with members hailing from Xbox, HBO, EA, and more. Shrapnel has already won the Most Anticipated Game award at two web3 game awards shows.

Client Need

  • Identifying token utility and fundamental supply and demand drivers
  • Aligning incentives for UGC creation and curation
  • Understanding gear inflation and impact on cash flow
  • Identifying key metrics and levers for sustainable growth when managing asset inflation
  • Economic risk identification and mitigation
  • Machinations simulation to test for economic viability

How Economics Design Helped

  • Designed and balanced asset (NFTs and fungible tokens) utility and distribution methods using a first principles approach to design all economic mechanisms, while weighing against gameplay impact
  • Identified idiosyncratic and systematic economic risks, proposed solutions or mitigation strategies for all of them
  • Created a financial and economic model quantifying value flows between all participants and forecasting revenue
  • Built an agent-based simulation model in Machinations based on expected user behavior
  • Wrote an economics paper to explain the designed economy to investors, developers, and the community

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