Client Overview: Sparkadia

Sparkadia is an ecosystem of AAA games, tied together by a social hub and interconnected economy. The economy includes on and off-chain currencies, battlepasses, land, cosmetics, and more.

Client Need

  • Identify types of tokens and off-chain currencies needed, along with their utility, faucets, and sinks
  • Plan distribution methods and utility for land, cosmetic, and other NFT types
  • Identify economic risks and provide strategies to mitigate them
  • Understand asset inflation strategy and corresponding financial impact
  • Creation of a simulation model to assess economic sustainability

How Economics Design Helped

  • Our work was guided by a first principles approach to understand the team’s economic goals and target player personas while determining asset utility
  • We designed an innovative asset distribution system that controls asset inflation and allows allocation without the ability for predictable value extraction
  • Our team identified economic risks and proposed levers to mitigate negative impact
  • We build a financial and economic model to quantify the planned economy across various scenarios
  • Using Machinations, we simulated player-level and economy level outcomes

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