Economics Design Launches Online Course with Certification in GameFi and Metaverse for Web3

Economics Design Launches Online Course with Certification in GameFi and Metaverse for Web3


[14 October 2022]Economics Design’s Academy expands its online curriculum with a new certificate Web3 course on “The Economics of GameFi and Metaverse Design”. The new course, which debuted on 10 October 2022, will teach the fundamentals of designing a game’s macro economy and its token models.

The online course is wired for professionals and is one of the first e-courses to feature lessons angled primarily at revenue generation. Learners are taught strategies they need to gamify their current or upcoming business models, and monetisation models used in token, mechanism and market designs. The course offers 12 core topics ranging over 70 lessons detailing industry-level knowledge on the subject. Payment in cryptocurrencies is accepted via Coinbase.

Economics Consultant Kiefer Zhang is the primary course instructor. He covered emerging core topics such as Economy Design Fundamentals in Traditional and Blockchain Games, Revenue Distribution Methods, Personas, and Token Models. Kiefer is based in the United States of America and is the founder of NFT Trading Academy, a community helping individuals successfully trade NFTs. 

Singapore-based Instructor Lisa JY Tan, who is also the founder and Managing Director of Economics Design, helmed selected niche topics in Market, Mechanism and Token Designs, as well as GameFi Frameworks.  

A certificate will be issued to students upon successful completion of the course. In line with the launch, the Economics Design team is offering a 15% discount to students who enrol before 31 October 2022.

“As we believe that GameFi will play a crucial role in Web3, we have decided to invest time and resources to expand our offerings in the space,” said Lisa JY Tan, founder and Managing Director of Economics Design. “Our objective is to provide game developers and designers with key concepts that will enable them to create truly unique products. We also hope to stimulate community discussion about blockchains, metaverses, and other facets of Web3. It is these building blocks that form the basis of our course.”

Part of Economics Design’s guiding philosophy is to design an equitable future, by aligning the right incentives with the right people. This is the fourth paid course for its Academy, which focuses on economics education, and joins other popular lineups of courses such as ‘Token Economics 101’ and ‘Bonding Curve’. The Academy also offers free courses on the Web3 space. 

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Economics Design assists businesses in developing and monitoring main market designs. This could be a token-based closed loop system, or the business or social system of a private organisation. Economics Design embeds incentives into the systems developed, tracking their efficiency, and aims to improve the system’s long-term sustainability by using varied expertise in complex ecosystems. For more information, visit: 


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