What we’re looking for

Economists at Economics Design solve the most challenging applied economics problems in the crypto, tech and DeFi sector. Econometricians apply the traditional economics to market design, mechanism design, token design and financial engineering. We build econometric models and apply economic theories to solve DeFi and governance problems.

We’re looking for econometricians who are keen on using your skillsets to build the “GDP calculator” of token-based ecosystems. This includes building long-term casual estimations of token-model and market, develop quantitative insights to current onchain transactions and statistics leveraging the power of transparent data. You will work alongside our quant team (lead by Arun, ex-quant hedge fund trader) and research team (lead by Lisa, founder and in contact with our advisor, PhD in Machine Learning).



How to Apply

Does this position sound like a good fit? Fill the form below or email us at career@economicsdesign.com.

This space is new. No one is an expert. It’s totally find to have little experience in DeFi. As long as you are interested in the space and you have experience in “traditional economics”, we are here to help bridge that gap and help you to learn and apply your knowledge. You can and will make a difference with your skills.

Starting salary is commensurate with experience. We are a growing company and this position has a significant potential for growth, responsibilities and impact to the future.

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Mail your resume to career@economicsdesign.com