What we’re looking for

Economics Design is seeking a passionate individual who possesses infinite curiosity in this new space of fintech. As a senior associate, you will work with clients and the team to create groundbreaking ideas and concepts. This is an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the future of the world we live in.



  • Defines project goals, scope, timeline and plan. Set clients’ expectations. Manage the engagement from start to end.
  • Leads team and client towards solutions
  • Facilitate discussions with the clients to define the problem and propose solutions via economic policies
  • Consolidate the findings from the analysis and present solutions to the client
  • Develop and present a plan to implement the recommended changes
  • Guide junior resources and review the quality of their deliverables in addition to coordinating with the senior members to set the right client expectations.
  • Support business activities of the firm, specifically in (1) revenue generation and (2) consulting practice development (delivery frameworks and methodologies)


  • Leads full engagement. Creates project plan. Controls deliverables.
  • Able to guide and navigate clients throughout the engagement. Serves as an escalation point for the client
  • Ensuring the performance of the team according to the planned timeline and quality.
  • Motivating team.
  • Embrace team members for design thinking and ideation.
  • Performs analysis and further insights in complex economy areas
  • Communicates clearly within the team and with clients. Able to solve conflict situations within the team or with clients.
  • Can prepare the full storyline deck and present it. Ensures quality of team members’ decks.
  • Can identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. Performs cross and upsell activities. Reviews marketing content.
  • Verifies identified risks, assessment and mitigation options.
  • At least 1-3 years of Business Development experience
  • Location: Preferably in America, Europe, and Asia
  • Team player
  • Keen and curious learner, recognizing that there is always more for you to learn
  • Dedicated: keeping your eyes on the stars and keeping your feet well grounded at all times
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

How to Apply

Does this position sound like a good fit? Email us at career@economicsdesign.com.

  • Include this role’s title in your subject line (it’ll help us to sort through the emails).
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you’ve built and done.
  • Given the opportunity to work together, what are your plans for the next 30 and 90 days?
Mail your resume to career@economicsdesign.com