Economics Consulting

Economics Consulting

We truly believe in making the future better, some work on renewables and energy.

Others work on improving human health.

We work on improving the systems design we operate in.

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  1. Initial Consultancy and Pre-Discovery 
  2. Discovery and Scoping of Work
  3. Ecosystem and Design Phase
  4. Modelling and Testing
  5. Retainer

Token Due Diligence

In the traditional world, the audit function has evolved in response to a perceived need of individuals or groups in society who seek information or reassurance about the conduct or performance of others in which they have an acknowledged and legitimate interest. Audit exists because interested individuals or groups are unable for one or more reasons to obtain for themselves the information or reassurance they require.In the Web 3 world Audit and Assurance is about providing an independent view on token economy resilience and robustness, its inherent ability to accommodate and adapt to changing market conditions and events.

As much as Web 3 space is concerned about getting smart contracts audited, it should be also seeking for an independent and professional view on token economies design. As history shows, weak token economy design can not only break the project but harm a much broader community. Doing audit of their own token economies is nothing else but blockchain Teams’ responsibility in front of their communities and investors to reduce risk of potential harm due to gaps in design.

Incentive Design

A careful process of crafting a system that connects performance measurement with performance rewards, with the goal of understanding the economic concepts according to the risk analysis of the video game simulated economy and Web3 space.

Web 3 Gaming

The application of new financialized economic and monetization mechanisms like tokens and NFTs to game projects.

Web 3

Looks at traditional companies tapping into the opportunities Web3 provides. It looks to study and measure how traditional businesses can expand into new markets or create new financial structures.

Game Economy

Gaming Consultation is the application of behavioural economics to low level activities players perform in a game, mapping and connecting them to wider economic dynamics. These activities can have intrinsic psychological motivation such as pleasure or mastery or extrinsic motivations such as earning virtual currencies and items with real world value, but nonetheless all of them have an impact in the wider economy and on things like token value in a web 3 game ecosystem. Through Game Consultation we map the main demand drivers and ensure players have the full gamut of incentives to interact with the economy, which makes for a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

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